NeuraLabel 500e GHS Label Printer

The NeuraLabel 500e is a fully automated continuous color label printer.

The NeuraLabel 500e is a flexible and reliable drum label printing solution that offers one-pass, 4-color printing, and GHS-compliant labels that are readily produced with laser sharpness. Easy access, high-capacity toner cartridges ensure that your printing is uninterrupted by frequent cartridge changes. The versatile and dependable NeuraLabel500e is compatible with almost any label media available on a roll, while also able to print on fan-folded as well as sheeted media.

  • Full color GHS-compliant and BS5609 approved labels are produced on-demand directly from your label authoring system software
  • Continuous label printing is available for fan-folded and roll-to-roll label stock
  • Capable of automatic feeding and cutting of continuous label media
  • Prints up to 50, 8.5x11 labels per minute
  • Integrates with SAP

How does the NeuraLabel 500e printer work?

NeuraLabel 500e Printer Specifications

NeuraLabel 500e Printer Specifications*
  Continuous Drum Labels
Cut Sheet Drum Labels
Color Speed Up to 11 ips Up To 50 ppm
Media Size Standard sizes up to 8.5" width x 48" long
Media Capacity Continuous Form Attachment - Unlimited 550 Sheet Tray
Media Type
GHS compliant polyester media, or other drum labels as tested**
Max Print Resolution
  • 300 dpi
  • 600 dpi
  • 4800 CQ (2400 x 600 dpi)
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • 4800 Color Quality (2400 x 600 dpi)
Interfaces Network Ethernet
Toner and Consumables
  • Neuralog supplied at discounted rates
  • 20,000-page (CMYK) Extra High Yield All-in-one Print Cartridges
  • 150,000-page Fuser, 200,000 Image Transfer Unit
  • Recycling Program for Print Cartridges
Toner Control Custom settings available to control toner usage
Processor/Memory 800/133 MHz   768 MB on board RAM
Size (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Print Engine
20.3W x 22.3H x 20.2D
110 lbs
Continuous Form Attachment
12W x 2H x 5D
4 lbs
Electrical Specify 110V or 220V
*Specifications subject to change.
** Drum label media meeting the required specifications and containing relevant markings may be used. For GHS compliant chemical drum label printing, polyester media should be used.
Compatible Software

The NeuraLabel 500e printer is a Windows compatible device. Any application that prints to a typical office printer can print to NeuraLabel 500e. Continuous form printing, however, requires applications that allow documents to be printed continuously. NeuraLabel 500e printer - compatible label authoring software applications include:

IHS/Atrion LPI (Label Print Interface) - Label printing software solution for global petro-chemicals industry products.
BarTender - Design and print software for labels. Neuralog is an authorized reseller of BarTender, the world's leading software for label, barcode, RFID and card printing. BarTender together with the NeuraLabel printer gives customers a unique and integrated software and hardware solution for printing GHS-compliant chemical drum labels. EasyLabel - Barcode and RFID label software.
CodeSoft - Codesoft by TekLynx is for those who have complex label design and integration needs. Easily integrate label printing and RFID technology into your business
Loftware Label Manager - Industrial strength label design and printing.
Loftware Print Server (LPS) - Server-based software solution for managing and processing label print requests from corporate applications.
Loftware Connector for SAP Applications - Takes ERP system label printing to a new level, driving a seamless flow of supply chain and manufacturing operations.
NiceLabel - NiceLabel software offers label designing and printing solutions with support for barcodes, databases, thermal transfer printers and open connectivity..
SAP Global Label Management - SAP application for label printing.
The Wercs - Comprehensive, automated MSDS software for authoring.
Vision® - Label printing software from Reliance Label Solutions, Inc.
Microsoft Word 2007 and later have been tested with NeuraLabel. Whether you are using a label template or a simple word document, the pages will be printed one page per label on continuous label media.
Adobe Reader X has been tested with NeuraLabel to print PDF files. This is a free download from Adobe. Whether you are using a label template or a simple PDF document, the pages will be printed on page per label on continuous label media.